Questions and Answers: PAPER 9


                                                           CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                        January 2004
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                                        IS THE MAN WALKING THE DIVINE TALK?



This is the time of Battle of Armaggedon, the war between Gog and Magog, the God(ly)

vs. non-god(ly), the battle of God-minded Children of Light vs. non-godly minds of children

of planetary darkness lacking the spirit enlightenment.

This war is now raging all around the world and in all spheres of human consciousness

beside physical, and it is the battle for the human right to keep the presence of God, His

virtues of character, and His Ten Commandments and Two Jesus Commandments in the

minds of the evolutionary people of this planet.


Secularists, or non-believers in God, reject the God and His universe creation, therefore purposefuly rejecting their immortal destiny.

Secularists are denying “Ten Commandments” to the their fellow men to develop basic understanding of the minimum requirements for man to be “sa(l)ved” (salvation-spiritual

self-elevation) and be initiated on the ascending path of God, the path to Paradise.


The believing mortals accept the fatherhood of God, but many have difficulty in

understanding that, for planetary man as God created man-child, the way to the Father is

in “walking the divine talk” together with their cosmic brotherhood.


Planetary children of God can not expect salvation, or spiritual self-elevation, without

developing the discipline to obey the virtues and commandments of God the Father,

which have been taught so many times to evolutionary man by their cosmic brothers.



In a Q-A Paper 7 has been stated:

“Many souls were not born into, and brought up in the Catholic faith, but no soul can

pursue a worldly existence taking exception to the rules of God, His Ten Commandments

and two additional Jesus Commandments.


God’s Path is not for soul to go this way and that way, following any whim that “devil” (descending energy sphere-veil) pull it toward, thus making many ungodly mistakes

and turns in its incarnated life.


Most of the planetary souls assume the path of ascension as granted, but being easily

drawn into the ungodly activities of the world, they acquire patina of “worldliness”, and

the fire and spirit light of the saint that is within the soul, cannot come through that veil.


Many have taken wrong turns and are wholly enveloped in their own lust, misusing God’s

energies and causing universe energy imbalance which needs to be karmically corrected.

When the Path of Holiness is pursued, every word spoken and every action taken have to

be carefully guarded, and these requirements of the Path must not be failed by God’s

children following the light to Paradise.


There is a great trap in the West, and it is the trap of materialism and sensuality.

Souls incarnated today in the West ought to conquer their materialistic consciousness of thirst and greed for material possessions, and sensuality in all of the five physical senses

and all of the body charkas that takes the soul to thither and yon and beyond the center

of its being. The integral fragments of the soul body have been tossed and tumbled in the waves of materialism, causing the soul to sink. So those born today in the West must

beware constantly of the karmic ramifications when enjoying the fruits of this materialism.


There is no room for indulgence, because losing sacred fire within, leaves the soul with

less and less God’s spirit energy allocated to soul by the planetary Karmic Board.

People need to shun the materialism, the idolatry, the indulgence in the misuse of the

sacred fire (spirit energy).”


In the Interim VII has been stated:

“The physical presence of the Infinite is the reality of the material universe.

The mind presence of Deity must be determined by the depth of the individual intellectual

experience and by the evolutionary personality level.

The spiritual presence of Divinity must of necessity be differential in the universe. It is determined by the spiritual capacity of receptivity and by the degree of the consecration

of the creature’s will to the doing of the divine will.”


In the Interim XII has been written:

“God inhabits eternity, however, only infinity of mind can alone fully comprehend the

infinity of His existence and eternity of His actions.

Mortal man cannot possibly know the infinitude of the heavenly Father.

Finite mind cannot think through such an absolute truth or fact, but finite human being

can feel and actually experience the full, undiminished impact of infinite Father’s love.


Father’s LOVE can be truly experienced. Although the quality of His love is unlimited,

the quantity of such an experience is strictly limited by the human capacity for the

spiritual receptivity and by the human associated capacity to have faith in Father and

to love Him in return.


Finite appreciation of infinite qualities far transcends the logically limited capacities of

the creature because of the fact that mortal man is made in the image of God and that

within mortal mind dwells the spirit fragment of Father’s infinity.


Therefore, for all the above reasons, man’s nearest and dearest approach to God should

be by and through love and faith in Him, for God is absolute love.

Absolute God’s love between His feminine and masculine aspects relative to His

creatures is actually experienced in cosmic sociology as the Male-Female, Creator and creature, and Father-Mother to child family affectionate relationships.”


Paper 11 reveals:

“It is important to remember that the outgoing and the incoming Paradise spirit and

space force energies can return back to their absolute sources only as the absolutely qualified spirit active-space energy reactive equilibriums, i.e. outgoing Paradise spirit blueprint energies must be absolutely realized in the returning differentiated space-

energy forms.


The second law of thermodynamics speaks about the preservation or equilibrium

between energy and matter in the time and space universe,…and it is clear that the

above law has to be expanded beyond its limitations of time and space, and be accepted

as the universal law of Paradise Alpha-Omega Absolutes,… because the absolute

harmony of the Alpha-Omega outgoing and the incoming polarities is the underlying law behind the karmic force of recompense, the law maintaining the absolute equilibrium between the spirit energy action and space-force energy-matter reaction in the creation

and evolution of universe life.


In a Q-A Paper 6 has been stated:

“The ultimate solution to the world’s problems is nothing more or less than human own enlightenment, and it is precisely this - the desire and will to achieve full enlightenment in order to contribute to the well-being of the world.

The individual and society must clearly understand cosmic karmic ramifications in misuse

of universe energies, because karmic recompense has its roots in Paradise Absolute Laws which have to do with true nature of God and the maintenance of universe energy karmic balance.


Wars are rooted in the creatures evolutionary nature and they are not the ways of God.

Wars will never bring true peace, and peace unless free-willed, will never be true peace.


By lacking true spiritual insights of solar evolution, secular humanity will continue to be confused about the role of war and peace in building the road to true planetary peace, democracy and freedom and will perish until their mindset changes God-ways.


PEACE, HARMONY, ORDER are God’s virtues of selfless ego seeking nothing back

in return for its servitude to the others.


WAR, DISHARMONY,CHAOS are anti-God’s virtues of selfish and arrogant ego,

seeking advantages and dominance over others.


The beginning of one’s ultimate contribution toward peace and harmony starts at home

with SELF, because by changing one’s self, qualities spread into environment.

The result is a chain reaction that universally spreads outward.

Non-cultivated mind of peaceful, loving and compassionate nature of oneself cannot truly contribute to peace in society as a whole while its character remains violent and intolerant.


In Paper 10 we read:

“This paper analyses the polarity principles between Paradise male-female Absolutes

within the Universal Absolute I AM Presence, and the function of the cohesive Love

force unifying internally their opposite polarities in the eternal and infinite functional “marriage”  being manifested as their co-creative function through the entire

macrocosmic universe.


Paradise Spirit Deities and their reactive nether Paradise Almighties are internally encircuited polarities, functioning conjointly as the androgynous beings.

They are conjoint MALE-FEMALE polarities, individualized and yet co-equally INTERNALLY functionally “married” by the absolute cosmic cohesive force of LOVE.


Internal co-creative and pro-creative function joining the two in co-equal “marriage”, unifying two opposite absolute polarities thus constitutes the androgynous person of God. The cohesive force of LOVE between two Deities of opposite polarities sustains

their internal functional “marriage” relationship, and through the MIND of the

Universal Absolute I AM Presence, the marriage of their entire universe creation.


Human marriage between two opposite polarities, the male and female, is therefore

meant to sustain such Father- Mother family union during their human lifetime existence.

Without true love, the co-equality, co-creativity and pro-creativity of such lifetime partnerships between the man and woman, the father- mother polarities of such external family unions would be hardly sustainable, because such external unities are meant to be

in reality lifetime internal spiritual man-woman love-unions made “in the image of God”.


Evolutionary humans, willing to follow God ways to Paradise, understand that the alternatives to TRUE MARRIAGE between male and female polarities are the

perversions of Gods true polarity principles, the perversions of the universe pro-creative mechanisms and processes, not acceptable in Gods eyes, since they corrupt the entire relationships and mechanisms of God created universe.




Humanity understands the statement of fact, that for the child to be born, the male and

female progeny are required for its conception. In preservation of God’s true sanctity of marriage of love this ought to be the husband and wife, as the father and mother of the

newborn child.

During child’s developmental years, the guidance of the father and mother as the male

and the female polarities and the child’s teachers are required for child to grow and

mature properly to live a fruitful life.


Likewise, for Urantia’s physical man-child (incarnated soul man-i(n)festation as physical

child) to be materially realized or born, the local universe Father ( The Creator Son or

The Son of God, in case of Urantia The Christ Michael of Nebadon) and local universe

Mother (The Creative Daughter or The Divine Minister of Nebadon) are required for

man-child’s conception and guidance, as well as his planetary and super-planetary teachers

for spiritual tutoring during its planetary sojourn, if the man-child is to understand better 

cosmic concepts on its way to his/hers immortal destiny.




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