Questions and Answers: PAPER 3


                                                    CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                     July 2003
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LW    - “It is true that the Urantia material contains false teachings. I directly asked

             Mother (E.C.Prophet) about this book in 1979 at a stump in Boston, when she

             was taking questions and answers from those who attended, and she told me

             that Mark (M.L.Prophet) had her study it and other books to discern truth from

             error. It (The Urantia book) contains errors and the greatest error had to do with

             the concept of the “Michael sons”.

             She (E.C.P) told me in front of many people who were at a stump that chelas of

             the ascended masters do not read or study this book, because of the mixture of

             truth and error which contradicts our teachings.”


MKH- “When I came in contact with that book, about 1970 or so, before I found the

             Teachings ( of Prophet’s), I could tell (was told by my HCS/the Holy Christ Self/

             or Master?) that it was ridiculous because it claimed that Archangel Michael and

             Jesus (Urantia’s Christ Michael, the Sovereign of our local universe of Nebadon),

             were the same being. I did not waste any more time on it after that.”


LW   -  “You are right, the book says that Jesus and Michael are the same person, so the

             obvious conclusion is that this is false teaching.”





A-         The karmic consequences of the Elizabeth C. Prophet’s comments regarding

             the Urantia book have been discussed sufficiently in the Q-A Paper 2 and the

             Interim-paper VII. The rest belongs to the laws of limitations of the individual

             and/or collective human evolutionary state of mind.


             Have you ever condemn the school book because of the text you did not

             understand, or have you rather patiently continued with your studies until such

             times when the school text became perfectly understandable to you?


             Speaking allegorically: - The earth was considered flat till 15thcentury and round

             in the 16th century. Depending upon someone’s state of mind and incarnation,

             someone could die or live for his/hers same beliefs during this period of time.

             Is humanity today faring so much better with respect to the prosecution of

             someone’s beliefs?


             As far as the name of Michaels are concerned, are you saying that if anyone

             in telephone book comes across the name Michael, the obvious conclusion he or

             she should have is that only one Michael is real and all the others are false (?!).

             Should someone rather, if interested, try to learn more about the (personalities

             and identities of) other Michaels before we call them false?


             When comments are made about the texts, such as the Urantia book, it must be

             very important to point out exactly where such contradicting statements were

             made and support them by evidence ( book, chapter and page number),

             otherwise the comments become nothing more than just another hearsay.


             The Urantia book says NOWHERE that the Michael of Nebadon, the Son

             Of God, and the Archangel Michael are the same beings (persons).

             It would be appreciated if you would correct everyone where it says otherwise?!


             The Urantia book in Paper 33, p.366, speaks very clearly about the origin and

             the person of (Christ) Michael of Nebadon, the Creator (Michael) Son of God.


             In Lighttoparadise Paper 5, The Local Universe, it has been also written about

             The Creator Sons of the Paradise order of Michaels.


             The Urantia is stating that our rather confused planet has become the divisional

             headquarter of archangels for the local universe of Nebadon administration and

             speaks of the “archangel of Michael” as the archangel of the resurrection.(p.409)


             This by no means undermines the dictations and the function of the Archangel

             Michael as taught by The Church Universal and Triumphant and The Summit

             Lighthouse University through the Elizabeth and Mark Prophet.


             It is very important to voice the opinion, even contradictory, as long as everyone

             respects all other voiced opinions, and the prevailing collective mind will move 

             humanity, in time, to the next hurdle of the planetary school of life.             


             Regardless of the difference in opinion, your comments and questions are

             appreciated in the continuation of our dialogs through Q-A papers.           





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