In Creator’s Image (XI)


                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                          February 2007




In the previous Papers on www.LighttoParadise.com it has been discussed that:


- The Paradise Absolute 1st Source and Center is the First Absolute Father Personality of the entire Universe. His Absolute Personality also represents the First Personality Source of the Absolute GOD (Good, Geometry Of Divine) of the ABSOLUTE DIVINE ESSENCE (Divine Oneness) outpouring through Him.


- There is the space potential actualization by the Paradise Absolute 1st S&C Father’s Personality Spirit through the interconnectivity between the GOD’s Paradise Absolute 1st Source and Center and the rest of the universe including the evolutionary physical worlds.

Therefore, there is the interconnectness of the universe mind, between the Universe Absolute 1st S&C and the rest of the created and evolutionary Universe manifesting the living and continuously evolving God’s presence within His creation. 


- The CREATED dimensional realities, all the way down to morontia, are evolving in steady energy states, while the EVOLUTIONARY worlds of the nebular physical matter are evolving through the unstable physical energies until they reach the steady states of Life and Light era.


 - The Physical UltiMate Atoms (PUMAs) are the ultimate particles of the physical

 evolutionary worlds of time and space.


 - The existence of two mirror image (enantiomeric/enantiomorphic) PUMAs was observed by clairvoyant Theosophists and they named them the Male (CW/clockwise/ energy spin) and the Female (CCW/counterclockwise/ energy spin).



Picture 1. Male (Positive; Clockwise) and Female (Negative, Counter-clockwise) PUMAs


- The PUMAs are involved in the formation of the IN-ORGANIC physical elements through the interplay of five basic geometric energy forms (“Plato’s Solids”).


- The ORGANIC LIFE is established on planets through PUMAs after the geo-physical inorganic planetary evolution matures and is ready for the life implantation by Life Carriers.


- PUMAs are, therefore, the ultimate physical energy particles of both the in-organic and the organic evolutionary matter.

The Urantia Book is stating (1):“For the natural, physical development of life on any planet the geologic evolution has to take place first. Therefore, the initial planetary life processes can not unfold any faster than the initial geological physical metamorphoses of the planet will permit. When physical conditions on the planet are ripe than the Life Carrier assisted biological mental evolutions may take place; when biological mind status is propitious, sudden spiritual transformations may occur; when spiritual values receive proper recognition, then cosmic meanings become discernible, and increasingly the planetary personalities are released from the handicaps of time and delivered from the limitations of space.”


- The Life Carriers are directly involved in the formulation, initiation and evolution (energy revolution) of the first electrochemical cells of LIFE through the planet formulated GERM PLASMA, while local universe Creative Daughter provides the initiation spark through the Life Carriers themselves,


- The planetary evolution progresses through the INVOLUTION  (Inward/Downward) and the EVOLUTION (Outward/Upward), i.e. from PUMA to pre-chemical elements, to chemical elements of inorganic nature, then the organic living nature through the Life Carriers assisted first primordial cells and then on to vegetables, animals, humans and superhuman planetary life.   


- MALE and FEMALE, the two SEX (Sacred Energy Exchange) species, have evolved from the two mirror image central (heart) based PUMAs, as the ancestors of all planetary evolutionary life.


In the following series of Papers the properties of the ultimate atom of physical matter (PUMA) and its holographic vortex energy properties will be discussed.




UNIVERSE (UNI -VERSE) as the Holographic Vortex of Energy

Tomas has stated in his T/R’d transmission discussing vortex (2, excerpt):

“…as you pray and as you aspire to make contact with God in heaven, you are creating a vortex in your reaching, understanding in this context that a vortex is energy that goes out and energy that comes in and it focuses on a time-space continuum. It is a large subject and one that is filled with imagery and potential understanding. It is a vast concept, and I will discuss an aspect of the vortex that includes the entire universe while my co-worker will address the more personal aspects of this energy experience.

In discussing it for your mortal understanding, I will first make reference to your energy, going out into your environment and into your arena, as you are all individually a vortex of energy. You influence your environment with whatever energy it is that you combust within your being. It is possible for this energy to be constructive or destructive, but from a cosmic perspective, the energy that you emit is part of the growing godhead, the Evolving Supreme.

Think of it as the ripple that spreads out when a stone is plopped on the pond. (Picture 2)


Picture 2. Interference Pattern (Ripple effect) between two T/R (transmitting/receiving centers                                                                                                     

The ripple is the effect of your vortex as the Supreme Being is the ripple as a result of God's being at the center of all things. Have you ever noticed that the ripple that goes out eventually returns? And so all energy emits from Paradise, the beginning of this great energy vortex. Along with it is infinite love, and it spreads out throughout the Grand Universe and even beyond. It permeates time and space and its ripple comes back in and through the Supreme Being. The vortex, then, you see, is the energy that goes out and the energy that comes in.”

Monjoronson has also stated in his recent TeaM transmission (3, excerpt):

“…As participants and fellow co-creators in the process you are in fact engaged in the process of sharing both ways, as you say the download and the upload, this is your contribution to the Supreme indeed as well as the Supremes contribution to you. You are raising your awareness level and this is directly beneficial to the Supreme as well as personally beneficial to you. This is as well a cyclical process that you engage and then release as your energy to be engaged rises and wanes and throughout this entire growth process…”

Therefore, if the Paradise Father 1stS&C is the universal (universe real) energy initiator (in-niche-originator) of all Macro-Universe emissions and all of its transmissions and each human is the universe micro-receiver and micro-transmitter in the universe continuous to-and-from spirit and space energy, than the Universe is the Macro Holographic Vortex with Absolute Paradise at its center and each individual human is the Universe Micro Holographic Vortex with PUMA at its heart center.

It is said that “The Man Is Created In God’s Image”. Therefore, the Man as such contains within his PUMA micro-holographic vortex the potential of manifesting the God’s Macro-Holographic Vortex patterns.

This phenomena is called by the science the “holographic principle” where “every piece contains the image of its integral whole” and has been demonstrated in the below graphically presented experiment by using the laser light beam coherent energy source as in Pictures 3 and 4. (4)


                                        Picture 3. Laser light-beam hologram creation


                                                     Picture 4. Holographic principle

If the “Whole Apple” picture is substituted with the ”PUMA- Paradise Self” (5A Picture), and each “apple piece” holographic picture  with the human “PUMA-self” (5B Picture), than this simplified  graphic substitutions should be of significant resemblance to the clairvoyant reader.

                                                                       Picture 5A

                         Paradise “Male” and “Female” PUMA I AM Higher-Self Tai-Chi


                                                          /                                          \


                              Human “Male” and “Female” PUMA I am lower-self Tai-chi

                                                                         Picture 5B


The communication between the Creator, the Paradise 1st S&C Absolute Father, and His  Universe children through the ethers of space is the example of the transmitting/receiving (T/R) spirit/ energy (matter) interference phenomena which has many visible similar manifestations in the 3D nature.

One example would be of by simultaneous plopping two stones in a quiet pond water as shown  in Picture 2. Each stone plop creates a series of ever-expanding circular waves traveling outward from its respective center. As the two groups of circular wave fronts meet, they interact and form an interference holographic pattern or “ripple effect” caused by two sources (two stones plopped in a water).

Hologram presents an energy interference pattern within which every piece contains the complete pattern of its integral whole. The Paradise Universe is the example of the holographic vortex where the Absolute God projects His Absolute Paradise Patterns through the Majeston center into the Grand Universe (similar to the plopped stone interference ripples in water), and in which every peripheral micro-Universe ultimate particle, such as micro-PUMA (as the second plopped stone in water), contains all (whole) Macro-Universe Paradise patterns (Universe Whole).

The multi-D Paradise holographic vortex patterns projecting of the Paradise spirit-energies potentialized actuals as the “undeveloped reeled film” from the Paradise reel directed toward the seven Super-Universes (“wheel hub with seven spokes”), is similar in principle to the above 3D interference pattern created by the beaming of the coherent laser light on the apple in front of the photographic plate as in Picture 3 (imagine instead of apple, the macro-PUMA holographic Paradise-universe vortex as in Picture 5A). The photographic emulsion (i.e. Paradise potentialized actuals  undeveloped macro-film” reeled to the evolutionary superuniverses) captures the interference macro-apple pattern (i.e. macro-PUMA Paradise holographic pattern as in 5A), and the micro-apples holograms (i.e. micro-PUMAs) are born. The photographic plate (i.e. the seven superuniverses evolutionary peripheral PUMA reeling micro-tapes) becomes activated as in Picture 4 (i.e. the evolutionary universe micro-PUMA holographic vortices are activated and begin to actualize their lower-self free-will chosen energy potentials in their peripheral evolutionary time-space universes projecting them back onto the returning/ ascending Paradise energy “macro-tape” ethers, containing all universe’s life actualized potentials, as the evolutionary uni-verse ascending “macro-tape” of life is “reeled” back to the Paradise as presented below in Picture 6.)


                              Picture 6.  Paradise “Wheel with seven spokes”



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