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                                  CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                  July 2003

                                            Interim Paper VIII
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The morality of the “religions of evolution” lead the men forward in the God quest by the motive power of fear.

The “religions of revelation” encourage men to seek the God of love and to be like him.


TRUE RELIGION is a living and dynamic experience of divinity attainment and the establishment of an enduring unity in human experience of a lasting peace and a profound assurance of eternal salvation by following the God’s way to Paradise.


With primitive man, even polytheism is a relative unification of the evolving concept of Deity; polytheism is monotheism in making. Sooner or later, God is destined to be comprehended as the reality of values, the substance of meanings, and the life of truth.


GOD is not only the determiner of universe destiny; HE IS man’s eternal destination!


All nonreligious, secular human activities seek to bend the universe to the distorting service of self.


TRULY RELIGIOUS INDIVIDUAL seeks to identify him/her-“self” with the “Self” of the universe and then to dedicate the activities of this unified “self-Self” to the service of the universe family of his/hers fellow beings, human and superhuman.


The domains of philosophy and art intervene between the nonreligious and the religious actions of the human “self”.

Through art and philosophy the material-minded man is inveigled into the contemplation of the spiritual realities and universe values of eternal meanings.


From the universe standpoint, the Paradise Deities are as one, however, in their spiritual relations to the planetary inhabitants such as Urantian’s, they are also three distinct and separate persons.


There is also the difference between the Godheads in the matter of personal appeals, communion, and other intimate relations.


In the highest sense, TRUE WORSHIP is of the UNIVERSAL FATHER and HIM ONLY.

True, we can and we do worship the Father as he is manifested in his local universes of his Paradise Creator Sons of Michaels order, such as our Michael of Nebadon, but it is the Father, directly or indirectly, who is always worshiped and adored.


Supplications of all kinds belong to the realm of the Eternal Son of Paradise Trinity and to the Creator Sons of His spiritual organization.

Prayers, all formal communications, everything except adoration and worship of the Universal Father, are matters that concern a local universe Creator Sons and they do not ordinarily proceed out of the realm of their local universe jurisdiction.

All true worship is, however, always dispatched to the Father by the function of His personality circuit with His Creator Sons.


In addition there is also the presence of the “I AM” indwelling spirit Thought-Adjuster within human heart, empowered to register all bona fide true adorations of their subjects about the Father, utilizing both, their direct pre-personal channels of communications with the Father and the local universes Creator Son-Paradise Eternal Son spirit-gravity circuits.


PRAYER embodies a “self”-creature interest element in praying for something in return.

True worship is, however, for its own sake, and that is the great difference between true worship and prayer. 


TRUE WORSHIP asks nothing and expects nothing for the worshiper.

There is absolutely no self-request or other element of personal interest in true worship; we simply worship God for what we comprehend him to be.

We do not worship the Father because of anything we may derive from such veneration; we render such devotion and engage in such worship as natural and spontaneous reaction to the recognition of the Father’s matchless personality and because of His lovable nature and adorable attributes.


The moment the element of self-interest intrudes upon worship, that instant devotion translates from worship to prayer and should be, therefore, directed to the person of the Eternal Son of Paradise Trinity, or to the Creator Son of the local universe in which the individual has its planetary existence, i.e. Michael of Nebadon for Urantians.


In reality of practical religious experience, prayers being part of true worship addressed to God the Father, will be automatically configured and distributed both to the Son and to the Father respectively, via their existent respective spirit-gravity circuits.


When dealing with the practical affairs of daily life, humans are in the hands of the Infinite Spirit personalities of the Conjoining Actor of the Paradise Spirit Trinity,

i.e. humans co-operate with the spirit agencies originating in the Paradise Third Source and Center.







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